Corporate Debt Restructuring

    Corporate Debt Restructuring

    Due to the increase in corporate failures, partly due to the economic climate. Restructuring business debts have become a standard approach. Every business and circumstance has its own uniqueness to it. The process of corporate debt restructuring follows a number of key important phases. A downturn in trading performance is identified through the management of accounts or as a result of projections from management. This triggers the lenders and other stakeholders, that a breach of financial obligations or a crisis of liquidity will occur.

    Improve Your Business Cash Flow:

    Reduce Payments
    Legal Protection
    Flexible Payments Options
    The Process

    With SCM services businesses can improve cash flow by 70%. With those savings, businesses can reinvest back into marketing, inventory, equipment, hire new employees or pay off other debt such as personal credit cards and lines of credit.

    • 70% reduction in payments
    • Weekly payments vs daily payments
    • Hire more staff
    • Improve cash flow
    • One
    • Two